9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19  Free
9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19  Free
9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19  Free
9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19  Free
9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19  Free

9 Day Desert ride Bris /Dalby start 14th Sept 19 Free

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Entry Form and Liability waiver ( Pls fill out and email john@australianpropertycentre.net.au ) We need your Next of kin details in case you have a crash. Liability Waiver will be required to be signed by everyone who wishes to come. This is a free ride.

We all have to pay in advance  for camping and food  at the adv congregation .$40  Palm Pine PTY LTD  bsb 012685 acc 499209427

Track notes



Day 1 map  Day 2 Map  Day 3 map  Day 4 Map  Day 5 map 

Day 6 Map  Day 7 Map  Day 8 Map  Day 8 Map  Day 9 map

Bike set up video  Our tyre choice. Motoz Tractionator adventure rear and Pirelli Rally Front.

Aventure rider  magazine congregation info

1. Bike with 360 km fuel range.
2.Camping gear (we plan to stay in pubs but you never know)
Please travel as light as possible so your bike is easier to ride.
3. Please bring good dirt tires that can do 10 days. Moto oz adventure rear and Pirelli Rally front. I would recommend.
4. 3-liter water camelback with another 1.5-liter bottle 
5. Garmin GPS so I can load a course for you.
6.Spare front tube. Do not come on this trip without ultra heavy tubes in your bike. 
7.Levers, compressor, tow strap, spanners to change wheels.
8. Please check wheel bearings, change oil and do fuel filters and air filters before you come. Check chain and sprockets.

The plan 
1. Show up at story bridge hotel Brisbane at 6-00 am for GPS loading. Breakfast at the pub get some track notes and go. There will be a second meet point at Dalby Moto at 10-00 am those who live out of Brisbane may find this easier.

Day 1 . Bris to Nindi Gully via Dalby. 500km of easy riding. Get Fuel 50km outside Dalby (moonie road Junction) Sweeps leave bris at 8-00 am

Day 2 Nindi Gully via Dirrambandi(fuel),Cubby, Bollon(fuel), Wyandra(Fuel), Toompine 780 km easy western dirt roads. Sweep leave at 7-30 am

Day 3 Toompine,Thargo(fuel), Bulloo downs,Camerons Corner(fuel) , Arkooroola (fuel)780 km easy western country riding. Sweeps leave at 7-30 am

Day 4 Arkooroola, Blinman(fuel)Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges, Hawker(fuel), Craddock 352 km sleep in, sightseeing easy riding. Sweeps leave at 9-00 am

Day 5 Craddock, Yunta(fuel), Danaglli, Renmark(fuel) 488 km Classic western riding. sweeps leave at 9-00 am

Day 6 Renmark, Hattah(fuel),Deniliquin (fuel) 559 km. An easy diversion around Hattah if required. Sweeps leave at 8-00 am

Day 7 Deniliquin to Dubbo 694 km tracks. Sweeps leave at 8-00 am


Day 8 Dubbo to Tingha easy western. riding 500 km arrive at ADV mag congregation. Sweeps leave at 8-00 am

Day 9 Tingha to Tenterfield then Bris 480 km. Sweeps leave at 8-30 am.

To get as many people as beds as possible Day 2 and 3 are big days but we then back it off for the rest of the trip. Bring camping gear there is no chance you will get a bed every night. 360 km is the fuel range everyone will need.
If you are a slower rider our sweeps will never mind how slow you go as long as you keep going. If you are a slower rider we ask that you leave as early as you can. If you want to be looked after by the sweeps then you need to leave in front of them each morning. 

Riding in the dark is obviously more dangerous the sweep leave times will be adhered to so if you want the safety net you simply have to be in front of them each morning.
We have an easy option around Vic desert so beginners can go around if they wish.
No support vehicle is coming. We will share sweep duties. Please join the highest level of roadside assistance possible which cost $280 per annum if you don't have it already. 
If you don't have a GPS currently. I would suggest buying the Garmin Montana 610 with hard wiring kit and rubber marine Ram mount. Its a very good opportunity to be shown how to use it. Especially if you don't want to eat another riders dust for 4000 km.
If you break down and can be towed this is how you will get to the next town. Once there organizing how to get home will be your next adventure. 
Some tips. Go and buy a 4 pack of ratchet straps. Use two on your top bag or swag and then the other two around your panniers. Cut the ends so they cant get caught in your gear. 
Only 3 sections where fuel loads over 260 km required. There is nothing wrong with buying a 10-liter jerry can and strapping it your bike and just filling it when required. When empty they don't cause any trouble. 
Lightweight camping chair could be a good idea.
Wet weather gear is always handy if it gets cold.
Only carry days worth of food. You won't need camp stoves if you can't start a fire in western Qld you shouldn't be there.
If you have heard that APC rally is just for hardcore riders please don't be put off we welcome beginners just please read our tips carefully. The most common mistake a learner rider makes is bringing to much gear. I am running this ride to just be out riding with my old friends and to make new ones.

Bring a camp set up that is comfortable. 

Here is the GPS and wiring and mounting kit I now recommend.

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A good affordable intercom that many of us will use on this trip.

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