Stanthorpe 4th-6th Nov 22    3 Day Ride
Stanthorpe 4th-6th Nov 22    3 Day Ride

Stanthorpe 4th-6th Nov 22 3 Day Ride

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Stanthorpe has an incredible selection of tracks that surround it where we can accommodate for all skill levels.  3 days Cost $195 Enter Here

Each day there will be different tracks on offer for different skill levels.

Riders will need to book Accom well in advance. 4th& 5th Nov 22.

We believe that over 200 riders will be at this ride so it will be a great way to meet other people.

We will have GPS files and track notes available for all tracks. We will also have rides with lead riders and sweeps for those without a GPS. These will leave at a nominated time each day and the loops will be based on skill levels. Using this method means we can create tracks for beginners and then also advanced stuff to keep everyone happy.

The way we will limit dust and traffic is the fact that riders with a GPS unit can lead their mates around a loop suiting their ability any time prior to the Cornerman group's departure time which will be - Medium 8 am & Easy 8.30 am each day.

If you have a mate who is a beginner, they can join our beginner’s group which has sweeps and lead riders who will look after them whilst you may do the advanced stuff with other riders with the same ability.  Each night we have a central meeting point for Dinner , beers and videos from the day.

There will be a track designed for riders to leave Brisbane on 4th th Nov at 8-00 am and arrive at Stanthorpe at 1-00 pm. Riders can easily join the group at Stanthorpe on Friday at 2 pm for an afternoon ride or at 8 am on Saturday.

All riders must sign in prior to riding and helmet stickers will be issued. GPS files will only be sent to riders in advance once they have entered. Gps units will be loaded at the event as well

We strongly suggest booking the accom and entering the event at the same time. The accom will book out very quickly once this ride is released.  

Country Club Hotel 0746811033              The Vines Motel 0746 813 846

 Apple and Grape Motel 0746 811 288   Central Hotel 0746 811044

Omaras Hotel 07466 811 044                   Granite Belt Brewery 0746 811 370

Boulevard Motel 0746 811777                 High street Motor inn 0746 811 533

Top of town Caravan park   cabins   0746814888

  Camping options are available at the caravan park. Not a bad option because you just set up camp and then ride for a couple of days without the gear.  A car could bring some comfy gear for you and your mates to have a luxury camp it's up to you.

Fuel range required is 180 km. Registered bike and a motorcycle license required we use public roads in places so there are no exceptions to these rules. 

Nobby tires are highly recommended. Camelback for water is essential.

The cheapest way to set up for the navigation is using a smartphone with a quad lock and Gaiai GPS app