APC RALLY Origional  22nd March 2025

APC RALLY Origional 22nd March 2025

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( High country, Great Dividing Range, NSW coastline, Western NSW)

8 Day Ride 

Start points
Stanthorpe qld
Lithgow NSW
Gloucester NSW
Dubbo NSw
Bright Vic
Get your mates sorted. Fuel range req. 250 km
The ride finishes on a Saturday night so you have an extra day up your sleeve if you need it

Track Notes 

Information Guide    Terms and conditions 

The course is a massive loop of the best riding in Australia.  Riders can leave work on a Friday afternoon and than go to one of the Five start points. The course is approximately 3700 km in length. The APC rally is designed so riders can take easy options around more technical sections if they have a large touring bike or are not confident to take on these sections. If riders are traveling as a group and they have different skill levels it is easy to regroup at the next town and continue to ride together.

To keep costs low riders start and finish at the same point and hopefully, a start point is not too far for them to travel. Most riders will only require 5 days' leave from work.

Riders are supplied with track maps and comprehensive track notes. All riders need a functioning GPS or phone app. I would suggest many have the GPS and Phone navigation App called GAIAi set up with the course before the start.

The key to this ride is the fact that other riders are on the course to help you. You can turn up by yourself and quickly meet other riders.

Once riders have entered here an entry form that requires more information shall be sent to them.

Option 1: Planned ride with Accom booked $890 ( For those who like a group ride atmosphere)

A completely planned out ride where a group of riders will start and finish at the same locations each day. This makes the ride a lot more social and as we are getting older it’s good to know how far you are going and that a bed and a hot shower is waiting for you. Only 30 positions per starting point are available with this option.

Riders are provided a list of accom at each night spot and are required to make the bookings. This way you can share or get solo rooms depending on your budget. Accom list provided 7th Jan 2025

Option 2: Non Planned  ride $890

Riders taking this option can ride as far as they want each day and camp if they wish. They can still get accom they usually just book accom at about lunchtime each day. In most parts of the track another town will be available every 100 km. Simply select a town that the Option 1 riders are not in. 

Option: Personal challenge Ride $890

This is where riders agree to carry a spot tracking with live tracking and they are doing the course as quickly as possible and all agree on no riding before 6 am and not after 6 pm. They can use accom if it works out but the spot tracker must show the same location at 6 pm and 6 am the next day.

The spot trackers will be supervised constantly, and all riders must agree to have this information shared on social media. Spot locations will be verified every morning and a group spot page will be available to all riders.

All difficult options must be completed this ride format is designed to be tough both mentally and physically.


PRE-EVENT GPS LOADING Sessions and ride Briefings


We will have GPS loading sessions:  Brisbane March 7 th Bulimba Golf club Friday 6 pm.

Sydney March  8th  Rag and Famish Hotel Sat 3 pm

Melb March 9th Pullman hotel Albert Park Sunday 1 pm

Those who cannot make the GPS loading sessions can mail there GPS to APC Rally address: P.O Box 785 ,Bulimba QLD 4171

Ride Information

We have changed to March to avoid cold weather which means you don’t have to carry as much gear.

FUEL RANGE Required: 250 Km Min

All riders should try to have 300 km of fuel range so they can do diversions if required. It is always good practice to fuel up each evening and buy water at the same time.

Tyres : The course can now be done on one set of tyres.  Bike shops are located on the route.

Tyre recommendations; MOTOZ Tractionator adventure Rear, Pirelli Scorpion rally Front Ultra heavy 5mm tubes and 28PSI pressure.


   Some stuff we recommend all riders do before they do this ride or any other ride.

  1. Get travel insurance for the trip . insureandgo.com.au (gold cover) $60
  2. Get spinal injury insurance http://www.pbf.asn.au/            $48 for one year $250,000 pay out
  3. Get Racq Ultimate or equivalent in your state. $280 This is awesome road side assistance .

Gear recommendations.


We highly recommend Garmin Montana with rugged marine mount and hard wiring kit, no extra sd card required and they come with good mapping software.

All Gps units need to be hard wired. The one in your car will not work in this application because we need to be able to load a GPX file into it.

Chain and Sprockets

Only steel sprockets should be used. Buy a $200 O ring chain. Have your gearing so you can do 100 km per hour without revving to hard.

Riding Gear

Good Boots, Helmet and gloves are essential. Googles are handy in the dust. All riders need a camel back with at least two litres of water. Riders need to carry sunglasses and cap, leatherman and cigarette lighter.


3 socks, 3 jocks, two t shirts, 1 jeans, 1 jumper, shorts , thongs and casual sneakers.  (no more)

Personal Items

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, deodorant, brush, headache tablets, lip balm.

Camping gear ( only if you don’t have accom booked)

Bikers swag, ground sheet, 1cans of stew, spoon, 4 muesli bars, 4 sachets of tuna and 4packets of noodles

1 spare water bottle. 1.5 litre

Phone charger.

Bike Spares and Tools

You need to be able to change a tyre. Two tyre levers, 6 gas bottles and dispenser. Spanner to undo front and rear wheel nuts. Set of allan keys, two screw drivers, 6,7,8,10,11,12,13 and 17 mm ring spanners.  Spare fuses, electrical tape, small zip ties 10, large zip ties 10, spare fuel filter. Filter oil in small bottle to redo an air filter on day 3. Use petrol and soapy water to clean it. Spare clutch lever and spare bolts.

This should all be in a tool roll.

Panniers and tie downs

Use soft panniers they don’t get wrecked if you crash. Andy strapz are the best. Use ratchet straps and cut the ends to suit the place they are going. Burn the ends.  Buy a set of four and use the spare two to help to support your panniers. Buy two dry bags so your stuff won’t get wet when crossing creeks. When packing have all your pub stuff in one bag at the top of a pannier so its easy to unpack each night.

Wet Weather gear

Always carry wet weather pants and jacket and buy two sizes larger than usual so it will fit over your riding gear. When it's cold you simply put this stuff on and it will make you warmer.

Bike Mods

Extra plate on the bottom of your side stand. Usually heavier front springs on most bikes, Bark busters, and Loctite all bolts especially rear subframe. I strongly recommend fuel bladders as the best choice for carrying extra fuel.  Do wheel bearings before a big trip as well as fuel filter and oil change and most of your troubles will be avoided.

Remember the lighter you travel the less stuff that will brake on your bike

Time lines

  1. Pay and fill out entry form and then look at purchasing GPS and set it up on bike.
  2. Prepare bike for rally in January this allows for delays on parts.
  3. Attend Gps loading and information nights if unable to attend send GPS to Apc rally H.Q two weeks before event so it can be loaded and returned. Include $20 for return postage.
  4. Receive track notes 2 week prior to ride.
  5. Turn up to start point with full tank of fuel, water and cash to pay for meals and fuel and accom when on the road.

Emergency information

If a rider is seriously injured call 000 and complete first aid . Please remember you have been sold a map ,so do not mention that you are on an event because this will make your insurance claims very difficult.