ADVX Transport Options explained

Bike transport
We are using Bikes Only because they are Australia’s best bike transport company. We have arranged for bikes to be shipped from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. You simply call this company and make your own arrangements . Ph 1300 735 468 (Ask for Manelle) Some riders may elect to use general freight because you only need to deliver your bike to their depot 1 week prior to the start depending on your location. The trick is to go to a triumph or Harley dealership and ask for a bike tray that they receive new bikes on. This allow for your bike to be forklifted onto the truck. You simply put the tray in your trailer with the bike and then strap it on at the yard. The dealerships will also give you fre ratchet straps if you ask nicely.
All riders will need to be prepared to deliver bikes 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the event – they must be delivered to the transport Depots in each major city. It is important that you get your bike ready in plenty of time so it can be shipped to Perth/Alice Springs.
Riders will need to have up to 5 litres of fuel in the tank. Batteries do not need to be disconnected. Soft panniers and tank bags can be left on the bike.