8 watt uhf radios with speaker mics . $160 for 2 units

I have just tested these units and it might sound strange that I am just referring you directly to the sellers but these are a safety item that adventure riders and trail bike riders should be carrying. Especially when we used to pay $1000 for two  good uhf handheld radios with speaker mic that was 5 watt.

You simply put the handset on the top of your camelback and have the speaker mic sitting on your chest.  

These units have some serious range with 8 watts. Buy here from wish.if the link changes please search Baofeng 8 watt radio uv-9r two units

When you buy them they start out as being useless in Australia but here is a guide on how to program them with Australian channels.

You need to first download a free program called chirp here  


You then need to import this excel spreadsheet link here.


1. open up chirp programme go to radio. 

2. Connect your radio when turned off and then turn it on. There is a usb connector to radio in the box with the unit. 

Select Baofeng and the first radio type it brings up will work. 

3. On computer hit download from radio then it will come up with a screen with all the channels. your spam filters will ask you to go ahead just say yes.

4. once you have the channels up just select all of them and then delete them.

5. You then go to radio at the top menu again then hit Download from the data source and then select the excel spreadsheet you downloaded onto your computer that I attached above. You then hit open.

6. You should now have all the Australian channels from 1 to 80 on your radio. 

Disconnect the radio and then turn it off and on. Now just do the second radio exactly the same.  

APC rally care about riders safety so please one day come and do a ride with us.